Customer Relationship

Customise Your Customer Relationships

Standing out in a busy marketplace means creating amazing customer relationships.

With real ongoing trust, any problem can be aired and resolved provided that the level of customer satisfaction stays high.

The biggest challenge most businesses face is getting new quality clients. Gaining new clients costs anywhere between 5 and 25 times more than servicing an existing client.

It’s vital to look after your existing clients as according to Bain and Co​,

a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.

When your client feels you know them, they stay loyal and won’t even bother to shop around when there is a need for small price or service adjustments. This can minimise your marketing budget by as much as 80%. Therefore, once you have a good quality client, it’s essential to keep them happy and look after them.

The key to this depth of relationship is that you show your client that you care about who they are and what they value.

As your client base grows, treating customers as individuals becomes more time consuming. What’s more, coming up with a unique, quality gift for a budget takes creativity and can be challenging. 

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely.

The Power of Customer Relationship Management

Every time you put a smile on your customer’s face, that’s a stand out moment for your business. Discounts and bonuses can be easily given and easily forgotten. Getting a gift is an occasion, it’s a moment of surprise and even for adults a little bit exciting. When someone receives a gift, usually this is not something that happens every day. That person suddenly feels special, treasured and nurtured, because of your individual thank you to them. Even better, with some planning and a great range of possible solutions through us, you can give your client something that they will love as well as appreciate. That’s why we offer an in-person service to plan out your business relationship service using perfect hampers and gifts. We understand your needs, as we are an experienced trusted partner for business relationship management.

Our Hamper and Gift Basket Experience

Hamper House is a Sydney company that has been successfully delivering tailor made quality corporate gifts for over two decades. In 2016 Ally acquired Hamper House, to nurture existing clients and bring every one of you a new wealth of customer service, which is part of her group of Hamper and Gifting businesses including Hunter Valley Hampers and Fruit Baskets. Within the group, luxury, local produce gift hampers and fragile fresh fruit baskets have been successfully delivered professionally and on time to your clients over the last two decades. Because of our track record, Hamper House has experienced and robust delivery services. You can trust that when it’s crunch time and that gift needs to be there, it will arrive and your customer will be over the moon.

Our Business Relationship Management Service

As a professional hamper service, we are experts in providing you with the advice and service you need. It’s the small things that will make a difference. Quality foods, beautiful hand-picked goods, professional presentation with luxurious and branded touches. Together we create a sustainable, well budgeted, high quality gifting service and schedule that wows your clients. 

The Essentials of giving gifts to your clients

Learn six essential steps to planning your gifting to clients

Preparing a gifting plan has lots of different aspects to it and to be successful and set your business up for no hassle gift giving requires some solid planning, check out our guide to planning your customer gifting

Hot Tip:

Where businesses may gift financial bonuses or discounts, a hamper may work better. That’s because instead of rewarding the business, you will reward the individual. 

The Hamper House 100% Money Back Guarantee:

We believe in our products and are confident you will be happy with your gift. If you are not satisfied please return the gift box for a full refund including postage, or ring us at 1300 44 38 48 or email and we will arrange a further delivery, store credit or remedy the issue. 

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