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Real Rewarding Relationships

Remaining top of mind as a real estate agent is crucial to the process of gaining your client​’s repeat business. It​’s a long time between drinks and it​’​s that genuine relationship that shows you care that is essential to repeat business and referrals; the life blood of real estate agents. Staying in touch, being a leader and creating a great culture is a matter of gratitude and reward. It​’s also about being memorable. We respect that a clear authentic message requires a great culture and client engagement process.

How to be a Real Estate Leader

Often leaders in the real estate industry have written values that they frame the business with, to create exactly the right kind of environment for success. However, delivering on them can be more complex.

We​’ve seen it many times. You might have a sale or a lease, but then as issues arise; perhaps the gutters need cleaning and there​’s a leak in the roof on a weekend. It​’s not always easy to fix everything immediately ​u0026amp; and your tenant gets annoyed and your landlord gets a little more distant.

Over time, the fees you charge and rental market fluctuations may be reviewed and the value your landlord sees in your property management questioned. Even though you​’re doing everything right.

Meanwhile your property manager is also affected, with the tenant and the landlord both giving them grief. That manager may be a great person that you have put lots of time into cultivating and that difficult client prompts them to leave. How do you show them you value their work?  

 A hamper that is handpicked has an incredible effect on how that person feels, because it​’s from the heart. It​’s not a discount or a bonus that is easily used to pay bills. It’s personal, it​’s physical and it leaves a lasting impression.

Stand Out Real Estate Agents Think Outside the Box

Many of our real estate clients show value to their clients on the occasion of a settlement. That​’s a wonderful way to start, especially with a hamper that is full of quality goods. Clients remember that. However, if you want to be a leader in creating rewarding real estate relationships why not consider the elegant branded touches and smaller gifts as well? A simple candle on the signing of a new lease can be a symbol for ongoing trust and value. If there is a difficult situation, you may need a ​”mea culpa​” gift to say ​”apologies​” and​ “we value you​”. Branded sleeves are actually more cost effective than ribbon and can be stored flat, giving you a gift that your clients friends and family may also see, and branded products can also be arranged.

Reward your Deserving Staff

Your staff also deserve to be recognised for their work. Junior agents, office staff, leasing staff; they don​’t always get the big bonuses, yet their work makes your business tick. A gratitude gift can make all the difference.Reward them on work anniversaries and birthdays, not just at Christmas. Simple gifts that stand out can reward your business with years of staff service and loyalty.If you would like to work with us to create a customised reward system to suit your leads and clients, book a call back now.

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